How do you pronounce Q’ij?

The word „Q’ij“ is a Kaqchikel term that can mean „sun“, but also „day“. Its pronunciation can be challenging for non-speakers, but manageable with a little practice.

According to the Guatemalan Academy of Mayan Languages, the language Kaqchikel is spoken by over 800,000 speakers in 7 of the country´s 22 departments.

For those familiar with transcriptions, the correct pronunciation is qix. However, if you need an easier explanation, just follow these instructions:

„Q'“ should sound like an English „k“, only throatier,

„i“ sounds like the English „ee“ in „meet“, but a little shorter,

„j“ sounds like the „h“ in „hot“, but throatier.

We hope you give it a try and have fun pronouncing it!